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The Preppy Cookbook: Classic Recipes for the Modern Prep by Christine Nunn

Are you planning the menu for your local junior league’s next luncheon? Wondering what cocktail to sip on while spectating at Wimbledon? Searching for the perfect casserole that tastes just the way Mummy used to make it?

With answers to all these questions and more, The Preppy Cookbook will guide you, step by step, in creating a kitchen, and a world, that exemplifies the preppy lifestyle. This beautifully illustrated cookbook from Christine E. Nunn, the owner of Picnic, offers more than 125 perfectly tested recipes.

Readers will not only delight their taste buds with mouthwatering photographs of summer Lobster Rolls and The Perfect Pot Roast, but they’ll also discover The Preppy Cookbook is a cheeky, cover-to-cover read that is as witty as it is delicious. With droll but wise inflection, Nunn shares time-honored traditions and cites proper blue-blood etiquette. For example, always pick up asparagus with your fingers; never use a fork unless it is smothered in Easy and Perfect Hollandaise sauce. Brunch begins at 12:15 pm sharp. And gentlemen, when cocktailing, remember to bring a church key.

Whether it’s planning a wedding shower, serving hors d’oeuvres at the annual tree-trimming party, firing up a lobster bake in Maine, or finding the cure for a Sunday morning hangover, The Preppy Cookbook will provide you with an arsenal of great recipes for all occasions.

"An unapologetic, playful celebration of all things preppy, with cheeky rules and guidelines for stocking your liquor cabinet or packing the perfect picnic basket. The recipes are all very real, elegant but easy-to-make classics with a few modern twists developed by the longtime caterer." The Star-Ledger

"Beyond its droll, tongue-in-cheek attitude to cooking and entertaining as a socially acceptable diversion for the privileged classes, this compendium of recipes offers solid culinary guidance appropriate for anyone hosting a meal. Both preppies and wannabes may find affirmation here." Booklist

"The Preppy Cookbook has an abundance of the kind of food I love:  simple, fresh, and very tasty! It is truly magical how Christine takes iconic recipes and tweaks their flavor by introducing just the right herbs and spices and a little dash of her cooking flair. It makes for spectacular everyday food." —Julee Rosso, co-author of The Silver Palate Cookbook