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Process: The Writing Lives of Great Authors by Sarah Stodola

"Fascinating...Stodola takes an intimate and well-researched look inside the habits and traditions of 18 of your favorite writers." Flavorwire

"[Sarah Stodola] spent the last few years researching, studying, obsessing over the peculiar writing habits of artists ranging from Didion to Hemingway, Rushdie to Morrison, Kafka to Wallace." Dig Boston

"Completely devoured it ... really interesting stuff in short, punchy chapters." A.C. Fuller, host of the Writer 2.0 Podcast

"[A] well-researched book that is affably written and organized...Stodola has focused on the "horizontal and vertical," things that avid readers might find interesting, such as the controlling "image" that guides Toni Morrison's work or how much time Ernest Hemingway really gave over to socializing. I was reminded of peculiar trivia I had read years ago, but hadn't fully appreciated at the time: James Joyce's early infatuation with Henrik Ibsen, Philip Roth's habit of writing hundreds of pages before finding the first useable syllable." The Millions

"Feast on writerly habits, including Toni Morrison's penchant for No. 2 pencils, Junot Diaz's stand-up writing style, and Joan Didion's self-reward: one drink each night after work." Mental Floss

"Stodola's approach to Franz and Toni and Margaret and Virginia is accessible and welcoming." Entropy Magazine