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Granny Is My Wingman by Kayli Stollak

“In Granny is My Wingman, Kayli Stollak finds herself emotionally spiraling after a bad break-up. Confused by the conflicting advice she's receiving, she turns to her favorite source of solid wisdom: her grandmother.” Today

“Finding a partner in crime when it comes to navigating your love life can be challenging. Which is exactly why Kayli Stollak turned to her Granny Gail when she decided to jump into the online dating scene in New York City.” Oprah.com

“As much an homage to her sharp-tongued grandmother as it is an experiment in modern-day romance.” The Daily Mail

“It's hard not to fall in love with a buddy-cop dating memoir with a tough-as-nails wise-cracking grandmother and her thoughtful, self-deprecating granddaughter. The result is a genuinely sweet, yet hilarious story about two women, generations apart, attempting to solve the mystery of love. I was hooked immediately and can't wait for both Kayli's and Granny's follow-up memoir!” —Ophira Eisenberg, author of Screw Everyone and host of NPR’s Ask Me Another

“Stollak’s humor is sparkling. Based on her much touted blog, Stollak’s memoir has great appeal.” Booklist

“Maverick had his Goose. Comedian Cat Davis had Mary Louise Parker. Steve Carrell's Andy had not one but three wingmen looking out for him. But blogger Kayli Stollak may have the wingman that tops them all: her grandmother.” The Huffington Post

“[A] debut memoir recounting the romantic adventures of both a 20-something New York City singleton and her feisty Florida grandmother.” Kirkus Reviews

“Quirky, unexpected… an inspirational tale.” The Daily Beast

“We may have much more in common with our grandmas than we think.” Bustle