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Edible: An Adventure into the World of Eating Insects and the Last Great Hope to Save the Planet by Daniella Martin

“Never didactic, Martin gently nudges readers toward open-mindedness at the prospect of eating bugs: ‘Why not make the best of what we have the most of?’ Regardless of readers’ culinary proclivities, Martin’s lively book poses timely questions while offering tasty solutions.” Kirkus Reviews

“In this chatty, informative, and eminently readable manifesto–cum–food travelogue, Martin takes the reader along as she talks to chefs who cook with insects, muses about vegetarianism and veganism (and why being a vegan ultimately won’t work), collects corn earworms from a community farm, rhapsodizes on the flavor of sautéed waxworms, and, in general, turns us on to eating bugs.” Booklist

“It’s not easy for most Americans to see this, but insects are going to be a far bigger part of our menus in the next 25 years. Daniella Martin’s Edible is a fun, articulate look at the world of entomophagy, and the arguments for adding insects to our diet.” —Josh Schonwald, author of The Taste of Tomorrow: Dispatches from the Future of Food
“Daniella Martin’s contagious ‘entosiasm’ for eating insects makes you rush to join the insect-eating movement that people in the Western world left aside by mistake in the past.” —Marcel Dicke, professor of entomology at Wageningen University, The Netherlands

Edible is fun, eye-opening, and makes you feel smarter after reading it. And if you’re brave, there are recipes included for you to try for yourself.” Hello Giggles

“Daniella’s contagious enthusiasm about edible insects has the power to make you think again...Laced with anecdotes full of the wisdom of various proponents of eating insects and such rich descriptions of the taste and texture of many bug-based dishes that you will feel you have been missing out, Edible is both a quick read and a valuable resource which will certainly be consulted often by an army of new proponents of this incredible source of nutrition. Even those it cannot claim as converts will be more interesting around the dinner table after consuming this fact-filled frolic through the world of eating insects.” Treehugger.com

“Speaking in plain, but engaging language, Daniella Martin draws us into her adventure in the world of edible insects. We follow her around the world, beginning with her quest into ancient Aztec cuisine as a cultural anthropology student and traveling up to the present moment with her as a media celebrity and an accomplished gourmet chef. This is not just an entertaining coffee-table book but a moment to ask serious questions about cultural aversions that are now stumbling blocks in our quest for healthy diets in a sustainable world.” —Florence Vaccarello Dunkel, professor of entomology at Montana State University