Marie Claire | The Women of the Syrian refugee crisis

So much of war is viewed through the lens of politics and violence: men behind podiums and men with guns. Rarely do we see women and the heroic roles they play at the forefront of war—leaving their homes in search of better lives for their children, keeping families intact, caring for children and the elderly, earning an income when male breadwinners are fighting, imprisoned, or killed.

In January 2016, we launched production on the documentary project She Is Syria, traveling to Germany and Greece to document the stories of women and girl refugees through film, photography, and social media.

Many of the women we spoke to were traveling alone with children. The stories they had to tell were often disturbing and difficult to take in. Like 28-year-old Sahar from Syria who has no idea whether her husband is dead or alive—he was arrested by Assad's secret police three years ago.